To quote Thomas Carlyle, the great Scottish historian, "I've got a great ambition, to die of exhaustion rather than boredom," and I hope that comes across to clients in my desire and drive to run the best salons.

I strongly believe that where excellent is possible good is never quite enough. Creativity, service and quality is key, and this can only be achieved with a supportive team. It's not something that can be measured easily but, I get a real kick out clients telling us what a difference we've made to them. I really believe that the quality of our work depends entirely on the quality of our people in the salons.

Everyone makes mistakes and without making them it is impossible to learn, improve and reach our individual and collective goals. This was a key reason for launching our training academy - providing the perfect vehicle to make that journey. Put simply, I strive for the most satisfied clients, the happiest team, a fun environment, and great hair!

Love your hair, we do!